Barriers & Guardrails: FlexCore Guard Rail Safety Barrier

Barriers & Guardrails: FlexCore Guard Rail Safety Barrier

  • Our easy to install flexible guardrail system is designed for areas that need an extra level of protection. With easy to cut polymers, this system can be adapted to your facility.



    • Flexible and tough, guardrails absorb impact energy .
    • Eliminate the need for repainting .
    • Ground-level barriers gives you complete protection.


    A Closer Look at Guardrail:

    Impact forces are absorbed by the flexible rails, transferred to hidden aluminium pins, and dissipated by industrial shock-absorbing anchors.


    • Engineering grade polypropylene barrier.
    • Pinning system provides additional flexibility and strength.
    • Hidden impact dampening hardware eliminates catching & tripping points.


    Impact -Absorbing Uprights:

    The entire system is engineered to absorb impacts, even the uprights with their ductile iron core and impact dampening anchor system flex.


    • Flexible shock-absorbing uprights.
    • Pinning system disperses energy across the system.
    • Ductile Iron core & industrial rubber damper diffuses shock.