Crash Barrier System: Floor - Mounted Barrier System

  • Crash Barrier is ideal for protecting wall perimeters, creating traffic lanes, framing off areas and separating equipment from people. Impact energy is absorbed and dissipated trough the barriers before reaching the floor.



    • Highly visible end caps.
    • Domed barriers keep surface clear.
    • Tough, Shock absorbing barrier.
    • Ribbed Surface disguise scuffs & impacts.
    • System sits flush to the floor.


    A Closer Look At Crash Barrier:

    Ends, corners and connectors are all made from ductile iron-an alloy engineered for exceptional strength, impact and fatigue resistance. Paired with polypropylene copolymer barrier, it creates a system that both strong and flexible.


    • Hidden impact dampening hardware.
    • Engineering grade polypropylene barrier.
    • Ductile Iron ends & corner provide heavy-duty strength.
    • Strike plates localize impact.