• KC76 is a self - amalgamating ethylene propylene rubber ( ERP) tape used on solid dieelectric cable for electrical insulation and jacketing in splices up to 138kV and for building stress cones in terminations up to 35kV. 


    The tape comes with a separator that is removed during the taping process. Its 0.51mm thickness and quick amalgamation facilities a rapid, void free insulation build - up that is electrically stable and moisture proof. KC76 is suitable for use with conductors rated at 90°C with an emergency overload rating of 130°C. The tape is also resistant to corrosion, chemicals and ultra violet light. KC76 fully meets the table 1 requirement for type V tape in ASTM 4388.




    • Electrical insulation and jacketing in splices of solid dielectric cable up to 138kV
    • Building stress cones in terminations of solid dielectric cable up to 135kV
    • Excellent corona and ozone terminations
    • Bus bar insulation and corrosion protection
    • Jacket repair and restoration in all types of cable
    • Insulation in transition joints
    • Moisture sealing application



    3/4th" x 0.20" x 30' / 19mm x 0.51mm x 9m