Pedestrian Barrier Systems: Impact Absorbing Safety Barrier

  • Pedestrian Barrier: Impact Absorbing Safety Barrier.

    Our fully customizable barrier system keeps your people safe and your business protected. With this modular design, impacts are absorbed by rails and uprights.


    • Internal hardware eliminates catching & tripping points.
    • Meets IBC & OSHA handrail guidelines & standards.
    • Ductile Iron core & industrial rubber damper diffuses shock.
    • Easy to install and replace.
    • Flexible and tough, guardrails absorb impact energy.


    More Details:

    Every part of our Pedestrian Barrier System is designed to work together to absorb accidental impacts and protect your people- the uprights even use core of ductile iron which has the strength of steel with more shock absorbency.


    • Snagging points avoided & glancing blows absorbed.
    • No exposed hardware.
    • Impacts absorbed by industrial shock absorbing damper.
    • Concrete floor saved by anchor’s stress-relieving technology.